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I live in a time where truth is hidden deeper than the ocean, it is more foreign to people than the stars in the sky.  People seem to have a common goal though, they want to survive, and they want to do what they believe is best for the world.  There were and always will be people that want to exterminate other kinds of people that walk the face of the earth.  People truly believe that the Jew’s are the problem with society, other people believe Christianity is the problem with the world, some believe republicans or democrats are the cause of all our problems.  Do you believe any of these groups of people don’t want what they think is best for us?  I believe these groups and most people are just trying to help build a better world based off of their own idea of how to get that job done.  If you ask 99.999% of people if they believe that murder is wrong they will tell you yes it is wrong.  We as people were born with a law written on each of our hearts in regards to morality, yet it differs from one person to the next on more “complex” issues like divorce or abortion. 

Something common that I see from the LGBT community is posting signs that say ‘love wins’ or when they protest ‘fight for love’.  We all desire love; to love and to be loved.  So if we all desire love and we all have our own path to love what is their true love?  Perhaps the answer is to have war against all people that do not view love the same way...  because that is the way people seem to handle differences.  What if we lived in a world where everyone you interacted with was exactly like you; they think, talk, look and act just like you?  Would you be happy?  It is time that we all came to the understanding that we are part of something that is so much bigger than each one of us!  It seems that the entire universe was made for human’s ability to survive.  We come from the dirt and to the dirt we will return, Eclesiastes 3:20.  Everything that we need comes from the dirt; fruit, vegetables, animal meat comes from the dirt and they too return to the dirt when they die.  If our sun were to be any bigger or smaller; then the earth could not support life, or if our earth was any closer or farther from the sun we could not survive.  Without the moon orbiting around us or if the moon was any other size we could not support life as we know it.   Everything has been meticulous placed in the universe to support our life.  If one aspect of nature’s law fails then we all fail.  Everything in creation abides by its own law, for example the earth rotates on its axis and orbits around the sun.  Even man has some moral law built into us; we can all agree on that to some extent but everything that was created, other than humans, have no choice in choosing their law, they just do.  The only thing we see in creation that has moral choice is humankind.  So is morality and emotion something that we subconsciously created? What is our worth?  What is morality? How do we know if we have the right or wrong line of morality?  If there is a God, and I believe there is, how is there evil present? 

Morality and love cannot be something that we just fathom in our minds because we experience emotion in life.  If everything that we see in the visible universe was not created but just a product of random atoms colliding and the only thing that has emotion and free will are humans is a disturbing idea.  Our own emotions are simply a random interaction from day to day and our feeling for love is simply put ‘bull shit’ that we have formed from our own random thoughts.  Logic is not real because just like everything else it was randomly produced in our randomly created mind.  Choice and emotion are therefore just an illusion placed in our mind.  We are literally worth as much as the atoms that we came from.  If you want to choose to believe this concept of randomness then please do but remember that you can never logically explain truth or morality because there is no such thing in a world that was created by nothing. 

This is one reason we need God and we need His word to be able to distinguish what is right or wrong.  99.999% of people have a law written on their heart to not murder but if we allow subjective morality to take control of our world then we are subject to the other .001% of people fighting for what they feel is right in their hearts.  We as people will continue to push the line of what is right and wrong.  Ask ‘pro-choice’ people what age of an unborn baby entitles life and you will get an array of answers.  We live in a time where the right thing to do is dependent on each individual that you talk to.  If we allow the law of this world to be dictated on a case by case basis depending on who you talk to, well, that’s called anarchy.    The last thing God said to Jonah was, So shouldn’t I be concerned about the great city of Ninveh, in which there are more than 120,000 people who don’t know their right hand from their left ,“ Jonah 4:11.   The people of Ninevah were confused and they did not know truth.  God created everything ‘good’ not confused or in Hebrew ‘Tohu wa Bohu’.  These words appear only a few times in the bible, once in Genesis and once in Isaiah.  In Isaiah 45:18, “For thus says the Lord, Who created the heavens, Who is God, Who formed the earth and made it, Who has established it, Who did not create it in vain, Who formed it to be inhabited: "I am the Lord, and there is no other.”,  and that word, ‘in vain’, is Tohu wa Bohu.    In Genesis the bible says that earth was without form and void that is the Hebrew words ‘Tohu wa Bohu’ as well.  God did not create the earth the way it is now.  This is the devils world, even Jesus acknowledges that.  Why doesn’t Jesus just kill the evil enemy right then there, why does He allow this evil?  Without this present evil, man could never learn to appreciate love.  God desires for us to hate sin, how else can we hate sin if we do not witness the fruits of it.  If there were no evil then there is no free will because only love exists and love cannot exist without choice. 

When God presented His commandments to man He said that He puts before us blessing and cursing, choose blessings.  The good news is that our salvation depends completely on Jesus, Jesus paid our penalty for all the sins that we have and will commit.  I was blessed to be raised with strict laws to keep.  One of the laws that I keep is not eating pork, which seems like a very silly law to most people but science has discovered that pork carries most of the diseases that we get, for example swine flu.  I could write a book about what ‘science’ has discovered about eating pork but I’ll let you do your own research and decide for yourself.  Another law is for man to not lie with another man.  Well it just so happens that 83% of people that have HIV/AIDS are gay men.  The law needs to be looked at the same way when a child touches a hot stove and won’t do it again.  Well the bible already tells us what to avoid and what to keep holy, we don’t even have to learn from touching the stove because once you touch the stove you are already in pain.  Our father in heaven does not want us in pain, which is why He gave us clear instructions.  Maybe now you are asking, well if He’s such a loving God what about the other people that lived before the bible was written?  Well great question!  How did Noah know what a clean and unclean animal was before Moses wrote the Torah?  How did Abraham know about tithing or how did Cain know about sacrifice?  Just as part of the law is written on our hearts, like do not murder, a larger part of the law was present on their hearts; after all they were not far removed from Adam who lived in the Garden of Eden.  There are also missing books that people read, like Book of Wars, so perhaps they did have it written. 

Love is the greatest form of expression in existence, yet it is the biggest mystery as to who we are.  The truth is very simple though, God is love, I John 4:8.  True love cannot come into contact with anything that contradicts because it will kill it.  Just like light can never come into contact with darkness or it will immediately take over the darkness.  Exodus 33:20 says that no man can see God or he will die.  Man has been corrupted and we are not pure love.  God created everything in this universe and after He created something He would look at it and say, “it is good.”  We are made in the likeness of Elohim, we were made to be perfect.  “Be perfect because your father in heaven is perfect.”  Matthew 5:48.  God did not create us to be corrupted and for us to live a life of misery.  On the contrary God created us so that we could live and dwell with Him. We are told that one day we will have a new incorruptible body.  I Corinthians 15:53. If you are God and can create anything you want how do you create a being to love?  What God has seemed to have to done is given man free will and the ability to choose.  Without the ability to choose love then it is not truly love because it is artificial design that drives the creature to do something.  That’s what began in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, they were given a choice to break the command of God and they chose to do just that. 

Jesus says if you love Him, keep His commandments, scripture.  Many people say that God’s law is bondage and outdated but what many people seem to miss is that human nature is the same yesterday as it is today; we have the same tendencies and desires and we tend to repeat history.  The greatest commandments according to Jesus are; Love God with all your heart, mind and strength and Love each other as you would yourself and on these two hang all the commandments.  If you look at all 613 commandments of God they all fall into two different categories, how to love God or how to love your neighbor.  Take for instance the 10 commandments, the first four are how to love God:

1.     You shall have no other God’s before me.

2.     You shall not have any graven images.

3.     You shall not take God’s name in vain.

4.     Keep the Sabbath day Holy (although Sabbath is made for man)

The next six commandments are all about how to love your neighbor:

5.     Honor your father and mother.

6.     Do not murder.

7.     Do not commit adultery

8.     Do not steal.

9.     Do not give a false testimony.

10.                       Do no covet anything that is your neighbors. 

It is interesting that there 60% of the commandments are about how to love each other.  I wonder where he wants us spending most of our energy.  If God wants us spending most of time loving each other; the enemy is going to find a way to get us to spend our time divided against another.  Do not follow the prince of this world but praise Yeshua the one that made a way for each of us to have life!  Yeshua taught us how to live and gave us an example to follow.  What I love about Yeshua is that he came to ‘magnify’ the law.  Yeshua says that even if a man looks upon a woman then has already committed adultery.  Yeshua taught us not even to fathom the idea of sin, placing the law of love on an even higher pedestal.  Yeshua did not only die for every sinful action but for every sinful thought and word!  Oh, the glory of it all, Is He came here, For the rescue of us all, That we may live For the glory of it all, Oh, the glory of it all!” David Crowder.  So how do we know if we are following the correct path of morality?  Just ask yourself: Am I following Jesus?  Hallelujah!  Praise be to the everlasting King!  Yeshua Hamashiach! 

 I pray that anything I have written that is not the will of God that it falls dead at your sight and does not bear bad fruit.

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